Every End is New Beginning, 6:20 min, 2017, video

Pavla Gajdošíková describes her personal relationship to specific places and she uses the sieve of her memory as a tool to reduce unimportant information. She uses drawing as a medium that records the residual information that turns out to be significant. The author tries to record the reality with precision and she strictly works with her own experience. If she records the space, i.e. she tries to see from where to where it expands and what are its boarders, she tries to experience it, remember it and then draw it. The five houses she used to live in are described by a method based on a contrast of empty and full areas. She develops this work in video installations where she transforms it into inversion and thus reveals grey areas in the space between.

Somewhere Is Something Happening (with Jan Pfeiffer), Gallery Entrance, Prague, 2017