Renewal, video, 2013, 02:26

After a long research process on the relation between Fratres and Slavonice's shared border area Pavla decided to dedicate her installation on the defunct train track between the border. Up to 1946 the train track still served as a connecting link enabeling transport for both, industry and men.

The fall of the Iron Curtain created the wish re-install the previous train track. At first both sides seemed to be eager to close the missing link of 2,5 kilometers which had been taken away shortly after the Second World War. Both countries came to an understanding and plans to rebuilt the train track from 2006 were established. Although initial steps were made, up to today the tracks have still not been completed. Local communities are eager to push the authorities to proceed with the construction, so far without any substantial results. Demonstrations were held and petitions signed trying to visualize how needed the traintrack between Fratres and Slavonice where not only for personal but also for professional reasons. Pavla felt through out her research that this is an emotional topic for the population of the border area around Fratres and Slavonice.

press releasse, @ Margherita Belcredi

 installation view, Kultursbrucke Fratres   2013