Innocent Eye is Blind, 2:25 min, 2016, video

Vision seems to be an easy and naturally acquired skill, at least on the elemental level. One has to learn how to use visual perception and understand it with the help of its co-ordination with the perception of touch. Thus normal vision is a form of a prolonged, very flexible, touch. There is no such thing as “pure” visuality. The innocent eye is blind, the word “innocent” meaning here, quite exactly, “untouched”.
We apprehend metropolis as an image of human life, while stressing the cultural aspect of the urban area – metropolis as an environment of everydayness for the contemporary man has, by its nature, artificial character, its structure being the outcome of human endeavor. That is why, it tells more about man than it might seem, disclosing his way of thinking and his relationship with the world.

Looking Without Seeing, Berlinskej Model, Prague, 2017 (in cooperation with Jan Pfeiffer)