Daily we meet with problems and incidences, which arose after the second world war and „cold war“.
This turned into the rise of the cycle of pictures, which deal with personal existence as well as the common life of these countries. Quite simply I used my view of my own relationship, in which lay many questions, flowing to and from myself - collage observations from unusual and everyday personal situations.
In the first period of my work I made collages, which depicted something like a mosaic of past and present events in these two countries. It is not just a political commentary, but rather about my standpoint and awarness of some phenomenons and incidents. In this initial period I worked with views of German cities, culture, political and social life, and reversed the focus to show the relationship of the german people to events in Bohemia and our shared mutual history.
Step by step I tried to bring these things into my thematic personal perception. I then created alternative a set of pictures, which reflect problems which arise from foreign relationships, long separation, cultural and language barriers, as well as things connected to everyday homelife. There are intimate diary- style commentaries. Somewhere I read, that in love, only temptation and separation are interesting, the rest is filler.