Last Space for a Man

2/5–3/6/2012 Karlin Studios, Křižíkova 34, Praha

Curators: Pavla Gajdošíková, Daniela Baráčková, Petra Herotová

The exhibition project Last space for a man has been conceived by its curators based on a common intuition rather than on a strictly limited content scheme. The unifying topic is the space or the environment. It is however not thematised only upon atributes that demarcate it (architecture etc.), but also through factors, which “fill” it, as events, relationships, experience or emotional movements. Participating artists are not considering space in an objective, speculative way, rather present themselves as its co-creators and co- holders of its meaning. It might be experience of an intimate space, or, on the other hand, a space where we find ourselves unvoluntary, as social or health institutions, where the space is something we are obliged to share. It might also be a locality and its „genius loci“ as a systematic artist ?s interest.
The ambition of this project is therefore to combine points of view on a space as being a gift and a burden in the same time. The seemingly exhausted topic of a man and a space still offers many new possibilities place as a status, determination of relationships, fatality of territory, limits of orientation, relativity of positions.
As the strategy of research in this project has been inviting art- ists upon the criteria of already existing works or character of their creation in general. This has followingly led to further cooperations. This exhibition is therefore a synthesis of works created independently and initiated collaborative works. This conception has therefore let arise stories which together create a plot background of the show indicated in the lines below:
Pavla Gajdošíková asked for cooperation Daniela Baráčková, who further asked Petra Herotová. After some time they invited more artists. Jan Pfeiffer as a „mental architect“.
Daniela Baráčková shot a view from her grandmother’s bed, who died in a retirement home in Černá Hora.
Pavla Gajdošíková monitored the most taken trajectories of Daniela Baráčková, Tereza Severová and her own. All of them have small child.
Petra Herotová sent her temelin drawings to Daniela Baráčková by post. Petra moved out to Temelin from Blansko. In Temelin her partner works.
Katarína Hládeková brought the model of her house which deteriorates. It is already a second model. In the first one she has run a gallery 1k15, in this new one she is exhibiting photos by her grandfather Vladimír Majerčiak, an amateur photographer.
Within the last year Eva Jiřička has been asking old ladies, what would be the one thing, they would take with them, if they had to leave their home. The collection of answers she incarnated in her artwork. At its centre stays a stick, as the only object present within the interviews.
Barbora Klímová was meeting Daniela Baráčková and Jan Pfeiffer on Rohansky island near by Karlin Studios. They were walking, participating and intervening in to the surround of this developing area, soon to be filled with new exclusive flats and offices.
Eva Koťátková brought a library, her own version of the mobile libraries, in the past common in hospitals. Usually they were made by staff. The books were then selected in a way not to disrupt the mental state of the patients.
Jan Pfeiffer became a witness of a situation, where his friend who had lived illegally in the USA for twenty years was forced by the authorities to leave the country. The story of the deportation is the subject of his videoinstallation.
Iveta Pilařová brought her video, in which a man flits in water. He is either learning again to walk, or he tries not to forget how to walk.
Tereza Severová extended the common exhibition space of a „video windows“ element. Those are being erased and blinded in an endless loop.
Veronika Vlková invited to her appartment in Brno Eva Jiřička. She was supposed to react to installation prepared for her in the flat.
Ladislav Vondrák and Monika Vondráková shot a video, documenting Monica standing for an hour bent and leaning on the doorframe in their flat.