Pavla Gajdošíková / 1147 addresses / gallery 35m2
Exhibition dates: 2/9 – 3/10 2010
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm, on weekends 12pm – 7pm
Víta Nejedlého 23, Prague 3,,

Exhibition project presented by artist Pavla Gajdošíková at gallery 35m2 has been gradually developing into a spontaneous study of a particular space; the area of a private apartment situated in a not so distant city quarter. Individual studies predominantly in the form of drawings, painted, photographed and later temporalized images or textual documentation, all point to the ambiguous and ambivalent relationship to the object. Waves of interest wash the inside and outside banks of personal landscapes – new, fascinating and desirable places, which simultaneously awake the faith of the artist.
Gajdošíková has divided her studies into two basic categories and applied them with discretion as structural and visual elements of her spatial installation – in opposition to each other, whilst simultaneously complementing each other, stand her detached paintings. Both images share a carefully composed visual outline. First image introduces the internal character of the place and also seems to represent the existence of things as such. They are realistic still life’s presented through the form of simple, voluptuous linear drawings.
The subject of individual drawings deals with the private world, its process of experiencing and sensual perception. In this female dominated preserve, domestic appliances and accessories, clothing and textile, decorative objects, plants, floor covering, mirrors or pictures of images appear as intriguing symbols. This image representing the inner character of particular objects is derived from the observation of objects found in their natural setting – in places where they have been inadvertently abandoned, could be understood on one hand as determinant, while on the other as intimate and lacking further beautification.
The other part of the image presents photographic footage collected over a period of several days. The work deals with the subject of utopian and precarious architecture embodying features of mostly functionalist family villas. The quickly changing process lacking end and beginning is embedded in the dynamic geometric composition. The later image than represents the contrarery – the external and idealized nature of a place, what could be also called a mask for the public, and seems thus to be an intimate picture of the relationship to the outer world – a result of an effort that must be carefully measured and planed.

Michal Pěchouček